Friday, October 31, 2014

Tsu the NEW Social Media that Pays its Users!

I didn't believe it at first. then I tried it. Made a few pennies in the first hours I was on. In two days, I've made $.27. Not bad considering I use social media a lot and no one has ever paid me to do it. Tsu gets money from advertisers and gives some of that money to its users.

Give Tsu a whirl using this link: Pattie on Tsu

 I know I'm not going to be a millionaire from Tsu, but I might be able to buy some of the kids' medications that are no longer covered! A girl can dream, right? 

What I like about Tsu is that I can publish one post and it posts to FB and Twitter at the same time as it generates money for me on Tsu. What a great idea! Get paid for your own content. Tsu uses hashtags - so like Twitter and FB, you can search hashtags to find posts you might be interested in.  The more people view your content, the more money you make. Here is a screenshot of Tsu- a few days and I've got $.27 more than I ever made using FB! See the links to articles about Tsu below this picture.

Here are a few articles that have been published about Tsu. Tsu was also on the FBN (FOX Business Network) 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Seriously Stressed

My youngest caught a virus while in the hospital this last week. We have to go back to the neurosurgeon for muscle testing, another MRI and a visit in February with my youngest. My middle goes to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow and we still don't know how we will pay for the lifesaving meds no longer covered because of Obamacare. Add the angst over the plans we have to choose from for the next year and you've got a big ball of fun. 

The lefties have been attacking me, as usual. All they've got is, "You are lying." Really? Do any of you have children who infuse a blood product weekly that costs over $8K? We've been dealing with chronic, life-threatening illness for 18 years. At one time, both of my children received IVIG and later SCIG. The middle son trialed off and did fine even though his numbers stay in the lower limits of normal. My youngest trialed off and it was a complete nightmare with constant infections (cellulitis), etc, so he is back on IGG. 

I'll post the plan info below in a minute. Again for those of you who can only say, "She lies," I'm placing it here AGAIN for you to see TRUTH. We can choose from a plan with a $5700 OOP max for meds plus a $7500 OOP max for medical for a grand total of $13200 OOP max. Affordable, huh? Since we always meet our OOP max, this is not an affordable plan. prior to Obamacare we averaged 4-5K in medication copays, BUT had a lower OOP max for medical, so our total costs were lower! This plan is our morphed plan - we liked our plan, but Obamacare changed it into an unaffordable plan.

The second plan would require changing insurance carriers. Meaning Jan 1, we'd have to start working on all the pre-auths we already have and would only have a few weeks to get IGG approved before my son missed a dose. All provided we can come up with $4055 to pay for it that first month and then over $1600 the second month. Because the NEW plan has a $3000 deductible and doesn't pay anything for medications until you reach your deductible, then it pays 20%. A one month supply of IGG a costs over $8000 (I'll post the pic of the last refill with the amount insurance paid for IGG)-you can also search online to see that this blood product is pricey. 

So, while the first plan spreads the pain of bankruptcy out over the entire year, the second plan gives us pause. While the total OOP max is a lot lower, does any American family have thousands of dollars lying around to pay for this upfront!? Pharmacies don't ship meds unless they are paid for. Especially meds that cost over $8K.The other concern is, do our boys' current physicians take the new plan!? 

Also remember that chronic illnesses require many treatments and medications not covered by insurance. If you haven't had to learn this lesson, consider yourself blessed and thank God for your health and the health of your children. 

Here's what our insurance paid for IGG- does not include our copay:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Obamacare Destruction

Got benefits information in the mail. No other way to say it other than- we are screwed. In 2015, we will have a separate OOP Max for prescriptions of $5700 if we choose the same PPO our plan has morphed into since the law passed. Once we reach $5700, THEN our plan will pay for all meds 100%, except for the lifesaving meds no longer covered. Plus we still have the $7500 OOP Max for medical fir a total of $13200 OOP Max per year. Plus all the things that aren't covered, like the $650 per month fir our sons' lifesaving medications. 

Or we can choose a high deductible HSA plan where we have to pay $4055.69 in January for my son's IGG (blood product he infuses weekly) This plan doesn't pay anything for meds until a $3000 deductible is met, then pays 80% after that. IGG costs over $8k a month. The second month, because our deductible will have been met, IGG will cost us $1655.69. We'd have $650 for the life saving meds no longer covered.... Plus all the things not covered by insurance. 

Pics of plan changes and IGG costs following this paragraph. We just got back from Cincy where my son saw a neurosurgeon. There is a possibility his spinal cord is retethered, so we have to go back in February for some muscle testing and another MRI. This means we will likely incur over 10k of medical expenses in the first two months of next year. Their bone marrow biopsies are in May. We don't know if their doctors are in the HSA plans network. If you like your plan, you can't keep your plan. Liars. Everyone of them lied to the American people. 

I think this is the end of the line for our family. I don't know how we afford any of this. 

To comply with Obamacare:
Our insurance pays over 8k a month (not including our copay) for the blood product my son infuses weekly:

This has been brought to you by Barack Obama and the Democrats....and the Republicans who funded Obamacare. My family cannot afford this and all the other medical expenses. I came home from a week at the hospital with my youngest to this. Great. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Obamacare is More than Insurance Exchanges

I was recently scheduled to be on a national news show, but was canceled at the last minute because it was realized we had private insurance. The producer didn't understand how I could blame Obamacare for our cost increases and lifesaving meds no longer being covered because we have employer based benefits/private insurance. We'd just left the hospital and I was making my way through insane traffic to get to the studio on time. I had one minute to plead my case. I lost. Ebola won out... 4 of us were supposed to be on. Only one doctor made it- the other 3 of us were cut. So, I'm not sure if it was Ebola last week or the producer's confusion. 

We've just spent several days inpatient with my youngest for a surgery and here I sit typing as we want for a neurosurgical appointment. We spend a lot of time at the hospital. We've yet to meet one nurse or doctor who says that Obamacare is working. In fact, most lament that it has made their jobs harder. They've seen many families like mine being harmed by the law. But, back to my original intent of this post: Obamacare is more than the insurance exchanges. It regulates all health insurance and drives up the cost for everyone. I'll start with the letter we received from hubby's employer before open enrollment last year. Company name marked out for privacy. 

The company admits the law(Obamacare) will increase the fees (costs) of the medical plans in the top portion. In the lower portion, the company explains that their portion of healthcare costs will increase $7.4 million in 2014 over the $64 million they paid in 2013. How much clearer can it be!? Employer costs are going up...employee costs are going up.

If anyone would research the mito cocktail no longer being covered by most insurances now ( or see earlier blog posts) they'd see that most articles state companies are no longer covering the meds as a "cost cutting measure" because of the cost INCREASES related to the unAffirdable Care Act. 

From 2005-2010, our premiums, copays, deductibles and out-of-pocket maxes were more affordable. Things were covered. The law passed and what had barely increased in 6 years began to skyrocket. Then, we lost coverage of life-saving meds. All because of Obamacare. The ACA screwed up insurance for the 85% of people who liked their plans. 

No one on the left can ever explain what caused the skyrocketing costs and loss of coverage if it is NOT the law. It seems like a no brainer to me. We've had the same insurance since 2005. This is our 10th year with the same insurance (2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014) and until the law passed, very little changed with coverage. From 2095-2010, our deductible increased $50 and our OOP Max increased $500. That's $10 per year and $100 per year respectively. Since the law passed, our deductible increased $1300 and our OOP Max $2500. We still don't know 2015 benefits yet ( should know Friday, I believe - our premiums will increase $1050 per year next year..I bet benefits will be worse. Sighs.) 

What in the law made these numbers increase!? I'm sorry...same employer, same insurance and the huge jump after 6 years is related to the law. Loss of coverage due to cost cutting measures is related to the law. 

People do realize that Obamacare is more than just its insurance exchanges, right!? They realize the laws mandates and regulations regulate EVERY insurance plan in the United States, right?

Nothing shocks me at this point. I keep rolling and hoping people will wake up before it is too late. I thought everyone realized that Obamacare regulated every insurance. I guess I need to start an action plan to educate everyone. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


As of yesterday, we've reached $19,721.85 in OOP medical for 2014. Obama built that. 

Unfortuantely, we aren't the federal government, so we don't have $17 trillion in debt we can run up. As each day goes by, the reality that we can't continue this "lifestyle" forever becomes more apparent. Try going into a bank with 60k of debt as baggage, explain that your medical bills will never cease and ask for a loan. Denied. 

Getting a loan is not a solution to the problem. It only buys us more time before the eventual collapse. We have the possibility of getting a small loan to pay off medical debt, but what happens next? We continue to rack up more medical debt.Our debt doesn't get smaller. The medical problems don't go away. Costs are rising, the portion we have to pay increases and our family can't afford over 20k a year in OOP medical PLUS premiums.

The left continually says to give Obamacare a chance. I think they mean until it collapses and we get to one payer, in which case all my children's treatments are likely to be denied. Next year, our prescription copays will go toward our OOP Max, as mandated by the law. Our OOP Max will increase to the maximum allowed by law. Just as we had an 85/15 plan before the law that switched to an 80/20 once the law passed, increased costs for employers and mandated a minimum of 80/20 coverage. 

I'm in a mood. I head on another medical trip with my youngest today. He has testing at the hospital tomorrow, appointments and labs on Friday, surgery Monday (he'll be admitted) and then we have a neurosurgical appointment next Wednesday before heading home (he had a previous neurosurgery and recently had an abnormal MRIS that needs follow-up). These items alone are stressful enough. Add the extra paperwork and time required to gain coverage for things once covered and having lifesaving meds no longer covered. 

We cannot appeal for coverage of the lifesaving meds. THAT is really the epitome of Obamacare. We cannot appeal until our plan changes BACK. It will never change back until we REPEAL Obamacare and have a FREE MARKET solution (less government!). I used to think the epitome of Obamacare was the skyrocketing copay of the med my son takes to protect his kidneys from damage. Boy, was I mistaken. Lifesaving meds being denied..... Lifesaving treatments being denied. THAT'S the epitome of Obamacare. The left blames big corporations. What will they say when we get to a one payer system and these things are denied? Will they lamblast the government? Will they finally see that government is void of compassion, that government is about the dollar sign $$. 

Lastly, a reminder that healthcare is not the responsibility of government. It is not YOUR responsibility to pay for my children's healthcare and it is NOT the responsibility of any doctor to provide FREE healthcare. One person on Twitter said I was looking for a free lunch. I replied that I wasn't looking for a free lunch. I just want government to stop stealing my lunch money so I can buy my own lunch. We want to government to stop making it impossible to afford our own children's care. Is that too much to ask?

Pic of the day. This tube of medication cost us $50 before Obamacare. It now costs $100.