Wednesday, October 15, 2014


As of yesterday, we've reached $19,721.85 in OOP medical for 2014. Obama built that. 

Unfortuantely, we aren't the federal government, so we don't have $17 trillion in debt we can run up. As each day goes by, the reality that we can't continue this "lifestyle" forever becomes more apparent. Try going into a bank with 60k of debt as baggage, explain that your medical bills will never cease and ask for a loan. Denied. 

Getting a loan is not a solution to the problem. It only buys us more time before the eventual collapse. We have the possibility of getting a small loan to pay off medical debt, but what happens next? We continue to rack up more medical debt.Our debt doesn't get smaller. The medical problems don't go away. Costs are rising, the portion we have to pay increases and our family can't afford over 20k a year in OOP medical PLUS premiums.

The left continually says to give Obamacare a chance. I think they mean until it collapses and we get to one payer, in which case all my children's treatments are likely to be denied. Next year, our prescription copays will go toward our OOP Max, as mandated by the law. Our OOP Max will increase to the maximum allowed by law. Just as we had an 85/15 plan before the law that switched to an 80/20 once the law passed, increased costs for employers and mandated a minimum of 80/20 coverage. 

I'm in a mood. I head on another medical trip with my youngest today. He has testing at the hospital tomorrow, appointments and labs on Friday, surgery Monday (he'll be admitted) and then we have a neurosurgical appointment next Wednesday before heading home (he had a previous neurosurgery and recently had an abnormal MRIS that needs follow-up). These items alone are stressful enough. Add the extra paperwork and time required to gain coverage for things once covered and having lifesaving meds no longer covered. 

We cannot appeal for coverage of the lifesaving meds. THAT is really the epitome of Obamacare. We cannot appeal until our plan changes BACK. It will never change back until we REPEAL Obamacare and have a FREE MARKET solution (less government!). I used to think the epitome of Obamacare was the skyrocketing copay of the med my son takes to protect his kidneys from damage. Boy, was I mistaken. Lifesaving meds being denied..... Lifesaving treatments being denied. THAT'S the epitome of Obamacare. The left blames big corporations. What will they say when we get to a one payer system and these things are denied? Will they lamblast the government? Will they finally see that government is void of compassion, that government is about the dollar sign $$. 

Lastly, a reminder that healthcare is not the responsibility of government. It is not YOUR responsibility to pay for my children's healthcare and it is NOT the responsibility of any doctor to provide FREE healthcare. One person on Twitter said I was looking for a free lunch. I replied that I wasn't looking for a free lunch. I just want government to stop stealing my lunch money so I can buy my own lunch. We want to government to stop making it impossible to afford our own children's care. Is that too much to ask?

Pic of the day. This tube of medication cost us $50 before Obamacare. It now costs $100.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

We Don't Have a Plan

The most common question people have been asking: "What is your plan?"

We don't have a plan. We are trying to consolidate debt, but unfortunately, that's not working out too well because of the amount of medical debt we currently have. I've honestly not had time to think about it a whole lot. My husband has been to the bank and made phone calls while I deal with the medical side. The boys have had infections, appointments and other health issues that have taken up a great deal of time since returning from my mom's funeral this summer. 

I've also been working on getting everything ready for my youngest and I to be gone from home 9 days on a hospital trip, too. He's got surgery on the 20th AND because of an abnormal MRI he had just over a month ago and having had previous neurosurgery, he's got to have extra testing and see a neurosurgeon while we are there.  To top it all off, we found out this past week that my middle son needs a surgery. I don't think he will need another neurosurgery, I just think the doctors want to be cautious because he does have some abnormalities that need further investigation (as well as normal findings one would see on an MRI from his previous neurosurgery).

Surgery for my two youngest always requires being admitted because of the protocol they have to follow due to their immune deficiency. So, a simple surgery is never a simple surgery. It always requires a hospital stay. Getting the stay coordinated between his bone marrow failure specialists and surgeons is a task! 

Packing medical supplies for our trips is a huge feat in and of itself, as well. I was able to get IGG (a blood product my son infuses weekly) shipped to arrive the day before we leave. You've no idea the preplanning that goes into any trip. Cath kits, IGG & infusion supplies, and medications are just the beginning! 

We hope and pray that we can keep our heads above water until something drastically changes. Repeal? The further away we get from the law being passed, the less hope I have that the law will be repealed. I try to live day to day. if I get too caught up in the financial reality of our life or what the future impact of Obamacare is yet to be, I start feeling down. The financial burden of Obamacare is truly insurmountable. We aren't the US government, so we can't run up $17 trillion in debt. 

So, for now, the plan is to make it through the upcoming surgeries and take it all one day at a time. God has allowed this for a reason. Maybe He allowed our family to be impacted because He knew we would stand up. I don't know the why, but I do know that God is with us every step of the way! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Picture: The Obamacare Effect on Families with Sick Kids

Today, after filling a few more prescriptions, we reached $18,922.42 in incurred OOP medical in 2014. I say incurred, because we can't afford to pay it. We are still paying on the last several years of medical debt. 

Here's a meme you can share anywhere you'd like. Before Obamacare, the top envelope held more and we were able to pay more medical bills with the tax savings. The bottom envelope only contains what we could pay toward the other $16,422.42 in OOP medical from this year. Liberals will only say I'm lying. This photo is the epitome of what OBAMACARE does to families with sick kids. And let's not forget that our premiums are up over $2,000 per year on top of this.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Day In the Life

I talk about Obamacare a lot. I tell you how it has harmed my family. It between all of the Obamacare struggles, we actually battle illnesses, infections, and do infusions. My middle son has another skin infection and we had to see the doctor today. She prescribed antibiotics. I'm sure glad that President Obama's executive order telling HHS to create rules for when doctors can prescribe antibiotics hasn't kicked in. Imagine his doctor having to consult a government manual on whether or not to prescribe antibiotics instead of examining them and using her many years of school and knowledge to determine what was best for her patient. 

We also got referred for another surgery. So, my youngest and I head to Cincinnati for testing and surgery next week and then I will get back and have to get this surgery scheduled. Did I mention that the middle one was already supposed to have an oral surgery set up when I get back- for these flaps or something. I was waiting to get through J's surgery before getting him into the oral surgeon.

3 more surgeries this year.... AND we get to deal with all the extra crap from Obamacare. The doctor wanted a copy of my Op-Ed. We talked for a bit and she told me that since Obamacare, they need to hire someone just to do pee-auths because more and more things require them since the law passed. rationing much!? She also said that MRIs were being denied for the first time ever. She said she was glad she was retiring..... In 20 years.

Obamacare is creating a mess. I don't think that we will ever be able to fix the system. I'm not sure my family will survive financially..... Of course, with immune compromised kids, we wonder how the kids will survive if meds continue to be denied.