Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How #Obamacare Affects the Sick Who NEED Medications

Now that S is 18, he has a separate pharmacy account. Top J, bottom S. Insurance has paid $204,325.23 for meds in 2014 so far ( left numbers) and we've paid $5,303.70 when you add the $378 for prescriptions not covered and not shown (numbers on right). Before #Obamacare we averaged 4-5k in medication copays per year! #thanksObama

Target Makes Its Customers Targets

Last week, my middle son noticed a news story about Target and guns. "Target asks gun owners not to bring guns into their stores" or something. I immediately called corporate to confirm. 

I shopped at Target several times a week until thus announcement. We filled so many prescriptions there, we received the pharmacy discount cards every few weeks. Often I had so many that I could not use them all. No more Target for me. 

The CEO clarified his statement saying it wasn't a ban, but that the respectfully ask customers not to bring guns into their stores. I will respect that and I will respectfully not shop there any longer since it am never without my weapon. 

My favorite memes floating around about Target: 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Overpass Protest

Remember the bridge where Harvey was cited & the citizens of Kernersville stood up for him and won? Because the ordinances were changed, we can now protest on the bridge. Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great start to the day. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Celebrate the Hobby Lobby Win!

We are celebrating the Hobby Lobby win today. We made signs to put next to our banner and we will shop at Hobby Lobby today, too!

Barack Hussein Obama Loses Another SCOTUS Ruling

Summer has not been good to Barack. SCOTUS keeps ruling against him. Here's today's religious freedom win. Hobby Lobby wins against the Obama Administration.

I'm sure Barack will go golfing to let off some steam.

Happy 4th of July! SCOTUS upheld the FIRST AMENDMENT!!!! Sweet!