Monday, March 30, 2015

#Stop SB346 Interview

Last Tuesday, while I was being interviewed by the news media, there was a man with a camera who also got me on film. Here is the entire interview.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Senator Jeff Tarte States only Taliban and Christian Scientists Opposed to Vaccines: Video

Someone just sent this article to me with this note. Please read. And remember what happened in Africa. Gates et al sterilized women via vaccines. Good Morning, Pattie. Have you seen this recent article? Just read it and I'm already charged up with anger! I knew Tarte must have been heavily influenced by introducing this bill (SB346) into legislation. His wife is a pediatrician and he's working with Paul Offit. Offit is one of the biggest eugenicists in America. He is the driving force behind eliminating all religious and philosophical exemptions across America. Bill Gates, Paul Offit and Nancy Synderman all have contracts with the devil! It's obvious to witness that Tarte's motivation goes deeper than just a public health issue. He needs to be removed from office ASAP or else North Carolinians will suffer the consequences. Also, WV and MO just got their religious exemptions repealed, so it's typical for state legislators to jump on board and follow other states. Read the article here This is the video embedded in the article link:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kicked Out of Senator Jeff Tarte's Office for Opposing Forced Vaccinations

Tuesday, we went to the North Carolina General Assembly to oppose SB346 - the forced vaccination bill. SB346 would remove religious exemption, which violates our natural rights. We were thrown out of Senator Jeff Tarte's office. See video below! This is not a debate about vaccine efficacy. This is about personal liberty and our God-given rights. Our natural rights are NOT debatable. We have a right to be secure in our persons and we have the right to FREELY exercise our religious beliefs. This bill should never have even come into existence. Government does not have a say. I have two chronically ill kids- who could potentially get sick from newly vaccinated folks OR be at risk from an outbreak of any sort. Doesn't matter. We do NOT have the right to step on the God-given rights of other individuals because we fear what MIGHT happen. Government doesn't have the right to force people to inject themselves or their children with substances to which they are morally opposed-for ANY reason. Some vaccines are derived from aborted fetal cells. Some from monkey DNA..... You do not have to agree with those who choose not to vaccinate. I was also interviewed by TWC News. You can watch the interview here.